Hero’s Project- Ratatouille

There are 17 steps to the protagonist’s journey in the monomyth. These 17 steps were also shown in the movie Ratatouille. The first step is the call to adventure. In Ratatouille this is shown when Remi, the rat, realizes his love for food and sees Chef Gusteau on TV. The next step is the refusal of the call. This is shown when Remi is separated from his family. This event leads him to meeting the ghost of Chef Gusteau who encourages him set out to explore the would beyond his home and colony. The following step is receiving supernatural aid. Remi reaches this step when he meets Chef Gusteau’s ghost. Gusteau leads Remi to his restaurant. Besides that Gusteau gives Remi directions, guidance and valuable lessons through his journey. The fourth step in the journey is crossing the threshold. In the movie this is shown when Remi enters the kitchen of Gusteau’s restaurant. The “evil gatekeeper” in Ratatouille would be the evil chef. The final step in the departure is the belly of the whale. This is shown when Remi adds ingredients to the soup that the food critic ends up liking. This leads to Linguini having to replicate Remi’s soup.

The next part of the journey is the initiation. The first step in this part, the 6th total step, is the road of trials. Ratatouille shows this when Remi and Linguini try to recreate the soup together while learning how to work as one. The 7th step is the meeting with the goddess. This is shown when you meet Colette. Colette is a chef at the restaurant who helps Linguini learn “the ropes” of the kitchen. The next step is the temptation away from the true path. Remi shows this when he starts stealing from the kitchen’s fridge to get food for this brother and his friends. This leads Remi’s brother to make him go visit the colony and their father. The journey continues with the atonement from the father. In Ratatouille this is shown when Remi’s father tries to get Remi to come back to the colony by showing him how humans “really” act towards rats. The next step in the journey is the apotheosis. This part of Remi’s journey is shown when Remi sees how humans treat rats, when Remi finds out that Linguini is Gusteau’s son, and Linguini stops listening to Remi and starts to only listen to what Colette has to say. The initiation ends with the ultimate boon. This is shown in the movie when the evil chef is fired and Linguini becomes the owner of Gusteau’s.

The last part of the hero’s journey is the return. The first step of the return is the refusal of the return. In Ratatouille this is shown when Remi starts to turn on Linguini and steals food for the whole colony. When Linguini finds out about this he kicks Remi and his family out, but Remi still doesn’t go with his colony. Next, is the magic flight. This 12th step is shown when the Gusteau’s ghost helps Remi to see how he can solve his problems with both his family and Linguini. The 13th step of the journey is the rescue from without. This step is shown when the evil chef captures Remi causing his brother and father to come rescue him. The next step is the crossing of the threshold. The story shows this when Linguini tell everyone in the kitchen about Remi and everyone quits. The 16th step of the journey is the master of the two world’s. In Ratatouille, this is shown when Linguini and Remi’s colony help to serve the restaurant including Ego, the food critic. The final step of the hero’s journey is the freedom to live. In the movie, Ratatouille, this step is shown when Ego opens a new restaurant called La Ratatouille where Remi, Colette, and Linguini all work. There is even a little restaurant above it for the rats. In conclusion, the 17 steps of a hero’s journey that were shown in the monomyth were also shown in the story played out in Ratatouille.

Here is a video that shows part of the road of trials where Remi and Linguini learn to cook as one person:

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